The ABCs of Effective Medical Answering Service

Published Dec 03, 20
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Misconceptions About Medical Answering Service

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For each call that might be responded to with a fast check out to your website, there's another, possibly immediate call on hold, squandering precious minutes awaiting your aid. You wish to provide adequate time and an individual touch to all of your patients, however often it's excessive for you and your personnel to deal with.

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By hiring an outsourced answering service, you can handle your calls and offer call choices that are particularly tailored to your medical practice. Your clients can get the individualized assistance they require, when they require it, without long hold times or unreliable after-hours interaction. To see how medical answering services can assist and improve your practice, see the advantages we've included below.

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While you can hire additional personnel to reduce the stress of your call volume, this would rapidly become a pricey cost. Rather, when you work with a medical answering service, you have access to numerous cost-saving choices. These options consist of: Your call center can provide 24/7 care and service while you just spend for the time invested taking and making calls, not the idle time in between.

Fewer employees suggests less invested in wages, training, insurance, paid leave, and other pricey expenses. With 100% irrefutable records and compliance with HIPAA and medicare/government requirements, your medical answering service can minimize prospective liability and assist you conserve hundreds of countless dollars. For physicians, after-hours is time to relax, link with household, and recuperate.

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Why you should hire MedConnectUSA for your medical answering service?

At MedConnectUSA, we pride ourselves on providing a 24-Hour Medical Answering Service that you can truly rely on. Our highly-trained, effective and energetic team are 100% U.S.A. based and are the perfect choice for you when looking for a dependable HIPAA compliant medical answering service to serve the needs of your clinic or practice. We work closely with health centers, physicians, hospitals, dental practices and community health centers to ensure that we provide a medical answering service that meets their needs. At MedConnectUSA, we specialize in providing medical answering services and deal with those working in the medical field exclusively. With our award-winning 24/7 medical answering services you can be sure that your clinic and your patients get the care and attention that they deserve.

Is MedConnectUSA located in the U.S?

All of our operators are based in America. Unlike some other 24/7 medical answering services, we never outsource our services. Every one of our operators is positioned in one of our strategically positioned call centers in the United States.

What other medical answering services does MedConnectUSA offer?

As medical teleservices specialists, we offer a full range of both automated and live-operator services for chiropractors, physicians, doctor’s offices, health centers and other healthcare practitioners. Our experienced and knowledgeable operators provide an unparalleled medical answering service that will work seamlessly with your current operations. We offer flexible packages with options for every clinic, practice and medical office, no matter how big or small. At MedConnectUSA, we offer the following medical answering services: Live Telephone Answering Call Center Services Automated Voice Mail Services Live Operators Backup Voice Mail Services Daytime Hours Answering Secure Messaging Disaster Recovery Disaster Readiness HIPAA Compliant Services

With a medical answering service, clients can speak to experienced health professionals after-hours, at any time of day or night. These live operators examine each call, moving immediate calls to physicians and using assistance for the concerns they can deal with. Your doctors can safeguard their private numbers and enjoy their time off without overlooking clients in their time of requirement.

As much as you 'd like to respond to each call instantly, your patients are typically put on hold. With an answering service, your clients' calls are thoroughly filtered and rerouted to a call center rather of being put on hold. Live call operators use tailored scripts to act as an extension of your workplace and utilize advanced software application to submit all data to your system.

The Reasons Why We Love Medical Answering Service

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Client privacy is vitally essential and closely controlled by the federal government - medical answering service. According to the Medical Insurance Mobility and Accountability Act (HIPAA), all client health info must be closely guarded and monitored. If your answering service breaches any of HIPAA's requirements, you are accountable for the breach of personal privacy. Avoid these offenses by selecting a HIPAA-compliant medical answering service that you can trust with your patient records.

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Hurricanes, snowstorms, power failures, flooding, local pandemics, and other unanticipated catastrophes can quickly and easily trigger major problems if you aren't prepared. Though you may not have the ability to open your doors throughout a disaster, an outsourced answering service can keep your phone line open for both patient and worker needs.

What People Demanded to Know About Medical Answering Service

When performing Medicare outgoing education and verification (OEV) calls, the federal government needs stringent adherence to its guidelines (MedConnectUSA). Sadly, setting up a system to manage these calls can be pricey and time-consuming. Utilizing a medical answering service, you can use an OEV call center provider to cut costs, satisfy legal requirements, and keep your customers pleased.


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When handling information as sensitive as medical records, it's crucial to keep your health practice safe. All calls made through your outsourced answering service are tape-recorded and time-stamped, providing accurate, irrefutable records when required. With a medical answering service handling your call, your personnel has more time to do the tasks essential to your practice's smooth operations.

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